About Pivad Design

Reasons to Choose Pivad Design

  • We are Here for You

    • With Pivad, you’ll always have your own personal Designer with you for each Design Quest. We will be your companion and adviser. Unlike our competitors, there will never be unwanted surprises.
  • We are Affordable

    • You only pay for what you need. We have no hidden fees. We don’t over charge. Our prices are lower because we actually care about our clients.
  • We are Friendly & Honest

    • When you talk to us, we take the time to listen. We advise you only of services that will help you, and won’t try to sell you anything unnecessary. We give you advice that will be beneficial to you – not us.
  • We Build Custom Packages

    • We get to know our clients. We will work closely with you to put together the perfect package that will meet your goals and fit your budget.
  • We Create Custom Works of Art

    • Our work is 100% unique. We don’t use clipart. We have our own ideas and don’t need to take ideas from others. We only use artwork created by someone else if requested. We do use open source applications such as WordPress because they are more affordable. We can and do write custom code and build custom websites for those who want more and have a bigger budget.
Pivad Design is a small graphic and web site design business established by two seasoned professionals eager to do things differently… Affordable, high quality, custom work with clear, attentive customer service.

We utilize our expertise and creativity to inspire forms of visual communication that will successfully relate ideas, image, or brand to the intended audience. We are decidedly small so that we can work closely with each client, gaining a complete understanding of their goals, to effectively create unique solutions that deliver extraordinary experiences with optimum results.

Why the name “Pivad”(pronounced Piväd)

Each letter in Pivad begins a word that is descriptive of what we do.

  • Present

    • We present each client with unique, creative design concepts that meet their individual requirements and help them stand out.
  • Inspire

    • We inspire our clients to effectively express information that will gain the attention needed to bring in new customers.
  • Visualize

    • We help our clients visualize the goals needed to get the most effective results.
  • Advise

    • We advise our clients how to develop the best strategies to target their audience.
  • Develop

    • We develop designs that best represent each client and their business, keeping them in the loop each step of the way.

Why a Dragon

Dragons represent strength and wisdom. They are known to guard their treasures ferociously. Their flames represent passion and power. At Pivad Design, we pride ourselves in our knowledge, our experience, and our hard work. We are passionate about what we do and how to best serve our clients, who are our treasure!